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Southern Cross's hosting

It's time for another news post after over half a year. Can you believe its been that long? I'm currently still in a valentines arc so it seems even weirder that its currently August. (So how's about that plot development then, huh? That's something that had been in planning for a few years now) As always, thank you to the people who still read this comic after all this time, and to the people who have recently started reading.


In September, my smackjeeves contributer subscription runs out. This basically just lets me have a nicer URL (because I really, really prefer .thewebcomic.com to .smackjeeves.com). Usually all I have to do is renew it, but from 2018 smackjeeves have raised the price by $10US...on top of what was already kind of a lot given our exchange rate, and I'm really questioning if its still worth it with the extra cost.
Along with the fact that I honestly really hate the early strips in the comic and want to redraw them (I know I cant just trap this comic in an endless cycle of redrawing stuff but seriously that older stuff is -bad-), it's making me want to move the comic somewhere else. It'd take forever, but it would give me the chance to leave out the old strips in the new location but keep them hosted here for the sake of history.

There are currently two problems I have:
1) I dont know where else to host the comic. Smackjeeves gets decent traffic and its been here for 7 years. Southern Cross used to have mirrors on DrunkDuck and Tapastic, both of which went to poop. I really dont want to invest time in moving everything to a new place only to have the same thing happen. If anyone has any experience with other webcomic hosts and their pros/cons, I'd really like your input in the comments.

2) Many locations around the place have linked to Southern Cross, so those links would still be directing traffic to the old location. I guess I can just redo the banner to be a big GO HERE INSTEAD advertisement though.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Or should I just suck it up, pay the extra and leave things as they are, considering smackjeeves has been so reliable all this time?
Granted, I am also considering paying extra for just -one- year and using that year to slowly migrate everything to a new place.

Tips, opinions and advice are all welcome!

posted by Torino @ August 8th, 2018, 9:32 pm  -  2 Comments

Reader Comments:


Is it just me or you really posted this news twice, with a subtly different message?

Anyway, another host I could think of is Comic Fury ( https://comicfury.com/ ), which is similar in sprit as Smack Jeeves: you get a dedicated site, and customizable templates.

The difference are more generous upload limit, more choice of domain names (or you can use /your own domain/ too), different templating system, different comment markup (BBCode), the lack of ads, the lack of censors, and the lack of fees.

Of course, downsides are less visibility (no "Similar comics", "Comic spotlight", "Donator featured" and so on- the main visibility area there are "Just Updated" and "Popular"); lack of preview thumbnail on comic profile and archive, a relatively geek-looking interface on the author's side, and statistics report that is detailed but needs effort to interpret. I haven't been there long or used them frequently enough to comment about stability, sorry.

On-site demographics are different too (but don't quote me on this), comic styles on Smack Jeeves are inclined to shounen/shoujo manga, and your on-site subscribers are usually non-authoring readers; while comic styles on Comic Fury are inclined to cartoonish or American, and on-site subscribers there are usually the fellow authors; majority of readers seem to read and follow comics there without registering.

Other hosting choice is Tumblr ( https://tumblr.com/ ), which you can also have your own domain, but their archive system is... meh, and guests aren't allowed to comment; as far as I know as a reader.

posted by WindowMaker, August 10th, 2018, 7:18 am


I have no idea why, but apparently when I clicked submit it posted the news twice ._. Thanks for pointing it out!

Comic Fury is one I was looking into. I didn't realize the perks were free, but I guess thats the reason why - with Smackjeeves you are basically paying for the visbility.

Maybe what I'll do is keep smackjeeves as the main site and stick the older content I want to delete over on ComicFury just so it still exists somewhere. (The drawback is that I lose the comments this way,though).
Maybe I worry too much but I just think that the bad art/writing at the start deters a lot of potential readers - I often look at the site analytics and notice a lot of readers stop reading a few pages in. Obviously they might not have liked redrawn versions anyway, but still, it makes me wonder.

posted by Torino, August 12th, 2018, 7:10 am

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