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I did it! (Plus news regarding the tumblr)

I really ought to to use this news page more.
Recently the Tale of Two Cities arc finally finished. It took more than two years and I honestly thought I'd never get it done at one point. It's not perfect, and there are parts I wish I had done differently, but it's still finally done.

I also finished the Halloween special, a much smaller affair at 3 pages. Do check it out if you can. The last page was the 200th Southern Cross page! It sounds more impressive than it actually is considering alot of those pages are hiatus notices/guest art/etc, and also since it's been running since 2011 I feel it really ought to have more than that. But it's come a long way regardless.

And speaking of "a long way", I know I say this nearly all the time but I NEED to redo those character intros at the start because I dont like them at all. I also need to redo the banner - i originally intended to change it every year, but then I changed it once in 2012 (I think?) and never changed it again. It's actually surprisingly difficult to think of banner designs but I'll do my best to think of a good one.

Look forward to more Southern Cross in the future - I cant say when, since I really want to take a break from it for a little while - the next time I do anything, I want to do it -properly-, I want pages finished well in advance instead of the ridiculous last minute uploads I've been doing all this time. I'd like to make a christmas upload (Maybe we can have another Requestathon) but I cant guarantee it yet. But there's definitely things coming in future, and they're definitely shorter!

Anyway, about the tumblr: this happened a while ago, but AskMelbourne went kaput (because all my tumblrs did) and I had to remake them. I decided to retire the askblog concept rather than remake it entirely but I do still intend the new blog (southerncrossthewebcomic.com) to redirect there.
The problem right now is that there are times when I have linked to stuff on askmelbourne throughout the comic, and those links are now dead. (For example the Christmas Requestathon and a comic I did for Melbourne's birthday a few years back). I'll be reuploading them soom.

Thanks for reading this far! Look forward to both new content and redrawn old content in the future.

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