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Happy Late Easter!

I wish you all a belated Easter. As you can see I'm now done with the introduction strips. There will be a few more general strips like this before I go into the first story arc.
Again, the comic will be updated on wednesdays but all delays will be announced in my author notes. There will, regrettably, be a lot of delays over the next few months, and then one possibly major one, but I have a good reason!
Firstly, my tablet is buggered, although that's not the main reason because my sister is kindly letting me use hers until I can buy a new one.
The main reason is, again, that I'll be taking frequent trips to and from Sydney to visit my friends as much as I can (this is the trouble with not actually living there I'm afraid). The reason I want to do this is because I am not going to see them for 3-5 years, and that is because I got accepted into the JET program in Japan! I'm going to be teaching English in Japan in a few months, so come August or so I'll be updating from there. Which brings me to the next likely delay, I dont know how long it'd take to get my internet set up over there, but I'll be sure to keep you guys posted. Again, I'll try to announce all expected delays beforehand in the notes of each comic!

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