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Apologies, and fanart!

I'm really sorry to have to postpone the comic again, but strip #13 (Introducing Adelaide) won't be ready before tomorrow. It should be up this friday! On the plus side, this will return SC to its regular update times...on the down side, there will be another slight hiatus next week due to me going to Brisbane a few days. (You may be wondering 'this is why webcomic artists have BUFFERS, Torino...' I did have a buffer to begin with, but I really do want to get the intro strips over with.)
At any rate I'm really sorry for all this schedule-interrupting, it's been a busy month. I'm especially sorry to the people who said they really wanted to see Adelaide and Perth. You'll see them, I promise;;

In other news KokonaKamelot drew me a very nice fanart of Darwin, and hopefully she won't mind if I link it here.
A friend of mine also drew this Hobart.

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